Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks

Biofloss Easy Picks

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🔥 Individually wrapped for convenience

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Convenient to use and environmentally friendly, our mint-flavoured Biofloss Easy Picks are perfect for your daily oral care routine!

Our floss thread is strong and resistant to tearing, with a contoured design, allowing you to comfortably clean between your teeth and gums - and those extra hard to reach places!

Individually wrapped in paper sheathes, take our Biofloss Easy Picks with you wherever you go.

With 100% biodegradable and compostable pick handles, and recyclable packaging; rest assured you are taking good care of your oral health, and the environment.

Floss Pick handles:

PLA handle, made of hardened corn starch (toxic-free and biodegradable).

Floss thread:

Premium UHMW PE.


Laminated paper.

Eco-friendly packaging:

Recycled kraft paper (FSC® Certified) and soy-based ink made from plants.

1. Gently slide the floss thread between your teeth and towards your gum line.

2. Using the same floss pick, repeat this step between all teeth.

50 x Biofloss Easy Picks

We donate 50% of our profits to provide free dental care to those in need.

Read more about the Pearlii Foundation’s mission to improve oral health worldwide.

Biodegradable handles

Made from corn starch

50% profits donated

Individually wrapped for good hygiene

Plant-based & biodegradable

Biofloss Easy Pick handles are 100% plant-based and carbon neutral. Made from PLA (polylactic acid), formulated from corn.

As opposed to harmful petroleum-based plastics that remain in soil, PLA breaks down naturally, and does not harm the environment.

Use our Biofloss Easy Picks with the peace of mind that you are choosing the best product for your teeth and the environment.

Your Biofloss Easy Picks are compostable!

➊ Remove floss thread from the handle and dispose with your household rubbish

➋ Place your floss handle in your compost. Tip: Cutting your Picks into smaller pieces will speed up the composting process!

➌ Our eco-friendly packaging can go in your recycling bin. If in doubt, check your council guidelines.

If you do not have compost, contact your local industrial composting facility.

We donate 50% of our profits

Pearlii will donate 50% of profits to provide free dental care to those living in remote communities within Australia.

Every purchase will support our future fleet of Pearlii Dental Trucks, providing free dental care to those without easy and affordable access.

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