Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks
Biofloss Easy Picks

Biofloss Easy Picks

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Our mint-flavoured Biofloss Easy Picks are convenient, safe, easy to use dental floss picks that are also environmentally friendly. Our floss pick handles are plastic free and biodegradable and our floss thread is strong and resistant to tearing.  The Easy Picks contoured design allows you to comfortably clean between your teeth and gums; even those hard to reach places.


Our floss picks are individually wrapped in recyclable sheathes, so you can take them on the go and keep your smile healthy and clean wherever you are. 


Our pick handles are 100% biodegradable and our packaging is recyclable so you can care for your oral healthy while you help the environment.


We donate 50% of our profits to provide free dental surgery to those in need. Read more about the Pearlii Foundation’s mission to improve oral health worldwide.

Our floss pick handles are made from 100% biodegradable and toxic-free hardened corn starch.
Our floss thread is made using premium UHMW PE, which is strong and resistant to tearing.

• 50 individually-packed, mint-flavoured floss picks.

Our Biofloss Easy Picks are safe, effective and easy to use.
Just gently slide the floss thread between your teeth and under your gum line.

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Whitening Pack



Made from corn starch

Dentist approved

Vegan & cruelty-free

50% profits donated

100% Biodegradable Handle

The handles of our Biofloss Easy Picks are made from PLA (polylactic acid), formulated from corn. 100% plant-based and carbon neutral.
This means that when the corn breaks down, it turns into carbon dioxide and water. As opposed to petroleum-based plastic, which breaks down into micro-plastics.

Disposing of your Biofloss Easy Picks

Remove the floss thread from the handle and dispose of it with your household rubbish. We’ve determined that UHMW PE functions the best compared to other alternatives. Place the floss handles into your compost bin or get in touch with your local industrial composting facility.

Make an impact

Giving Smiles

Our mission is to improve oral health around the globe.

Pearlii donates 50% of its profits to building dental trucks, which provides free dental surgery for people who can’t afford or access a dentist.

The Pearlii Foundation