Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle
Mosobrush Bundle

Mosobrush Bundle

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Your toothbrush supply for the whole household!

Providing a gentle and effective brush, keeping everyone’s teeth and gums clean and healthy, without creating plastic waste.

With a handle made from Moso bamboo, and bristles made from castor bean oil - our Mosobrushes are 100% plant-based. Moso bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties, helping keep your brush clean and bacteria-free.

Available with soft or medium bristles, and in a number of fun colours.

The Mosobrush Bundle includes: 

5 x Mosobrushes (multicoloured)


Moso bamboo handle, castor bean oil bristles.

Eco-friendly packaging:

Recycled kraft paper (FSC® Certified) and soy-based ink made from plants.

1. Add a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto your Mosobrush.

2. Start from your gums, and go up and down in circular motions. Ensure that you brush each tooth.

3. Brush for 2 minutes, twice daily, as recommended by the Australian Dental Association.

4. Rinse your Mosobrush before and after use. Tap away any excess water to help it dry faster.

We donate 50% of our profits to provide free dental care to those in need.

Read more about the Pearlii Foundation’s mission to improve oral health worldwide.

Fast-growing Moso Bamboo


50% profits donated

Your choice 
of bristles

Who is the Mosobrush Bundle for?

Our Mosobrush Bundle includes 5 x Mosobrushes, each with their own unique colour.

Maybe you’re a parent, and need toothbrushes for the whole family. With all different colours, there’s less risk of accidentally using someone else's!

Or perhaps you’re living solo, and want to save by buying a supply of toothbrushes, to keep you going into the future.

Your Mosobrush is compostable!

➊ Remove bristles and place in compost:

The bristles will break down naturally in your compost, as they are 100% plant-based.

➋ Place your Mosobrush in compost:

Your Moso bamboo handle will also break down naturally in your compost.

Tip: Cutting your Mosobrush into smaller pieces will speed up the composting process!

If you do not have compost, contact your local industrial composting facility.

Subscribing has never been easier!

Did you know, that the Australian Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months?

By subscribing to our Mosobrush Bundle, there’s no need to remember when it’s time to replace!

We’ll send a new bundle to your door, at your preferred frequency.

Every subscription order comes with free shipping and 10% off.

Cancel or pause anytime.

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We donate 50% of our profits

Pearlii will donate 50% of profits to provide free dental care to those living in remote communities within Australia.

Every purchase will support our future fleet of Pearlii Dental Trucks, providing free dental care to those without easy and affordable access.

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